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Boss Ladies is an exhibition that praises women#inchargeinspiring so many others. 


Being #incharge is first a COMMITMENT to yourself. It is to be protagonists of our life. It is respecting and trusting our character, knowing that it will always be our core strength. The movement#inchargeis a PLATFORM to gather stories and INSPIRE ALL WOMEN to be the women they want to be. //

"Be the woman you wanna be”.


Expanding this project through its creations, DVF launches the collectionfall 19with the theme“Boss Ladies”, a term that carries the meaning of being#inchargeand female protagonism. We selected ten women, who are present in this exhibition, to be an example and inspire so many others to be“Boss Ladies”also. Each of them has their own identity and story, and they are all inspiring and#incharge. 


diane“is an art lover”and therefore the artistLulu Aguiar, renowned illustrator in the fashion world, was invited to give the project an extra charm.


"I've never met a woman who wasn't strong, they don't exist." 

 Diane Von Furstenberg

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