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The Carneiros Beach Collection is ideal for those who are getting married in this beautiful church located in Pernambuco and don't have enough time to order a personalized art from the place. 

A ready-to-ship, versatile visual identity that can be applied in several ways. 

It accompanies a main art with two sea options for the bride and groom to choose, in addition to the palm foliage and the orchid that harmonize with the watercolor, with 3 elements in all.

The layouts below are assembly suggestions and other types of layouts can be created with the same watercolors from this collection to better match the wedding.

Layouts, applications and texts (font/calligraphy) are not included. 

The transfer of this collection against payment is for personal use only, non-transferable and resale or use in commercial projects is prohibited.


For commercial use or in case of questions, contact us directly via email or WhatsApp

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